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aerial view of city buildings during sunset
aerial view of city buildings during sunset

Welcome to Tiny Oak

Hey, I'm Bryn! Captain and sole crew-member of Tiny Oak , a one-person indie games studio based in Wellington, New Zealand. Currently I'm focused full-time on making Trail, a colony-sim set during the zombie apocalypse.

Visit Trail's page here, or visit the blog for detailed updates on the development process here.

Lemme tell you about...
Trail: The Infectious Colony-Sim

Take control of a rag-tag group of survivors and help them build a thriving colony while fighting off hordes of zombies and searching for the location of the mysterious 'safe-zone.' Trail uses advanced simulations and AI to create hilarious and intense gameplay and present interesting decisions to players.

Trail is inspired by games such asThe Organ Trail (2010) as well as classic colony sims such as Dwarf Fortress and RimWorld.

If you'd like to support development and get your name in the credits, you can contribute directly to the Patreon.

Zombies everywhere!
Inspired by the classics

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